Andrei and Elena are very experienced dancers, instructors, coaches and judges in the dance industry and have traveled around the world doing so.

Originally from the Country of Moldova in Eastern Europe, Andrei and Elena moved to the United States in 2008 to join Fred Astaire Dance Studios®.  They both started dancing at the age of 7-years old in their hometown of Tiraspol.  Andrei and Elena opened their first dance studio in Tiraspol in 1996 where they taught and trained hundreds of dancers from beginner to professional levels – many of the dancers are Fred Astaire Dance Studios® instructors and competitors in the United States now! Since 2013 Andrei and Elena are directors of Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Fort Myers.

Andrei and Elena are qualified in all levels of dance, in all four dance styles: American Rhythm, American Smooth, International Ballroom and International Latin.  They are both also qualified in the Silver Level of Diploma Certifications in all four dance styles, as well as Dance Directors and Adjudicators with Fred Astaire Dance Studios®. Andrei and Elena are Championship Licensed Adjudicators with the NDCA.

Andrei and Elena have a million small secrets they can share with you to teach you how to dance and to make you look and feel great on the dance floor (from your very first step, all the way to a professional level)

Andrei and Elena are Fred Astaire National International Standard champions, and International Latin Bronze medalists, Fred Astaire National and World Rising Stars American Smooth champions, Open American Smooth Bronze medalists, US National 10 Dance finalists. Along with many times Moldavian National International Standard and International Latin champions, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, and other countries finalists, medalists and winners.

They both will be more than happy to introduce you to a dance world and make sure you love the studio as well.