Elena and Andreii_00000Andrei and Elena are very experienced dancers, instructors, coaches and judges in dance industry.

Originally from country of Moldova, Eastern Europe, moved to U.S. of America in 2008 with biggest passion for dance you can possibly imagine.

Both started dancing at the age of 7 with many other kids that normally are selected through tough competition to get to a ballroom dance school. Elena knew from the very first day she will be dancing all her life. Andrei was dragged in by his mom, who was sure he has a talent for it. Eventually Andrei fell in love with the competition part of dancing, and the non-stop improving process of it.

If you talk to them today, they both love the way they feel the movement of the body with music and partnership connection.

Andrei and Elena have a million small secrets they can share with you to teach you how to dance and to make you look and feel great on the dance floor (from your very first step, all the way to a professional level)

Andrei and Elena are Fred Astaire National International Standard champions, and International Latin Bronze medalists, Fred Astaire Rising Stars American Smooth champions, Open American Smooth Bronze medalists, US National and Ohio Star Ball Rising Star finalists. Along with many times Moldavian National International Standard and International Latin champions, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, and other countries finalists, medalists and winners.

They got married and opened their first dance studio in 1996 back in Moldova. Started working at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Bardonia, NY in 2008 and became Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Fort Myers, FL directors in 2013.

They both will be more than happy to introduce you to a dance world and make sure you love the studio as well.




Yulia was born and raised in the dance family, but officially started taking dance lessons at the age of 3. She fell in love with dance and never stopped since then. Yulia was very successful in her early years, dancing amateur divisions in both ballroom and modern dance styles.

Yulia moved to USA in 2008 with her parents and started new career as pro/am dancer with her father Andrei.

Yulia is 5 times US National Pro/Am Champion, 4 times World Pro/Am Champion, 5 times 10 Dance Champion. Many time winner of Millennium Dancesport Championships, Emerald Dancesport Championships, Embassy Ball Championships, Ohio Start Ball Championships. She is 7 times Fred Astaire National American Smooth, International Standard and International Latin Pro/Am Champion.

In 2016, she continued her dance career  as professional and already is very successful: finalist, Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist of many competitions, including US National Championships and Ohio Star Ball Championships.

Yulia loves teaching and making people comfortable and confident in themselves. She will always find the way to help her students to learn and get at their very best. Yulia has very warm, welcoming personality and will make sure you feel at home here at the studio.


russell_00000Russell is a positive, upbeat dance teacher that strives to make his students as comfortable as possible from the moment they step through the doors for the first time. He has been teaching out of the Fort Myers location since March of 2010.

Russell was born and raised in Lansing, MI where he found his love and passion for music. He was classically trained from the age of 9 to read music and has played the Violin and Cello. Playing in not only his middle school and high school advanced orchestras but also in the Mason Jr. Symphony. Russell was longing for another way to express himself through music, so it was fate when he found his way to the Fred Astaire in Fort Myers.

Dance is like life, it’s all about perspective and finding the one that works best for you. Russell loves working with new students and wedding couples. When he sees the students have their “light bulb moment” he knows he has found the best way to teach them.

With students, Russell has competed in multiple competitions, helping them achieve various accolades such as top bronze student, top newcomer, and top placements in single dance and multi dance events. He has also performed in various charity events and private parties throughout Lee and Collier county.

Russell’s favorite dance is the Viennese Waltz because of the speed and amount of control used through the body at the same time. However, his favorite style of dance is Rhythm due to the social dance aspects it offers. Learning to dance is one of the most rewarding things he has done in his life.



Michael and Anna are a professional couple from the country of Moldova. They both began dancing at the age of 7. The couple owned and managed two dance studios for many years in their home city of Tiraspol. While both are international champions in Hip-hop and finalists in ballroom dancing, they have also trained many students to be Dancesport and modern dance champions.

Michael and Anna have competed in many countries including Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. They have come to the United States to continue their dance careers as teachers and competitors, but more importantly to bring their love and passion for dancing and all that goes with it to their new friends in America.

Michael and Anna want to share not only great dancing but also to demonstrate that dancing is FUN and EXCITING and is a fantastic way to have a great life.