Dima originally started his dance career in Moldova, where he was born. He started ballroom and Latin dancing when he was just 6 years old, when his parents took him to his first dance class. After his first lesson Dima knew that dance was his calling and dance would be with him all his life!
Once Dima turned 12, he decided to learn new styles of modern dance. In both ballroom and modern dance, Dima participated in Moldavian national and international competitions. He won many titles including: 5 times Champion of Moldova, 3 times Champion of Ukraine, Winner of Lithuanian Cup 2018, 2019, World Champion 2018 (IDO federation), and European Champion 2018, 2019 (IDO federation).
When Dima was 17 years old, he decided to open his own studio in Moldova. He began to develop a higher level of dancing within his studio.  Dima wanted to share his knowledge and experience with students and help them become Moldavian and Ukrainian champions.
Dima is a very universal dancer, and he can teach many styles of dance. Thanks to his knowledge of modern dance, he brings a new perspective to ballroom dance with his extensive hip hop experience.  Dima is excited to bring his dance experience and charming personality to the Fred Astaire Fort Myers studio! He can find a teaching approach to make any student feel comfortable, help you achieve your dance goals, and allow you to enjoy the process!