Anton is originally from Belarus. When Anton was a child, he liked to watch different shows and dance performances. He decided to start dancing when he was only 9 years old. From the moment he walked into the dance studio, Anton knew it is where he belonged! He fell in love with dance and never stopped since then.

When Anton was 17 years old, he decided to further his dance career at a more professional level and started his studies at an Art University. He graduated the University with a degree in Ballroom Dancing as an instructor, choreographer, and coach.

After finishing his University studies, Anton moved to Moscow, Russia seeking a better opportunity in his field. Anton continued his Dance Sport career and started to spread his love of dance through teaching and coaching. He achieved a lot of goals such as finalist of National Championship, prizewinner of National and International Competitions, candidate for Master of Sport.

Anton’s biggest dream, however, was to one day move to the USA to continue development at a higher level. His dreams came true in 2019 when he moved to Florida, USA!

Anton thinks that a teacher is like an artist who created a masterpiece. His main goal is to teach everyone how to be comfortable while dancing beautifully and passionately! Anton finds an individual approach for each student to achieve great results with ease. Every lesson with Anton is full of interesting information and lots of fun! He is so excited for this opportunity to share his experience and love of dance at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Fort Myers.