Rebecca Smart: Champion On & Off The Dance Floor!

It’s not too common that you encounter a person so dedicated to something they love that it changes their life radically. Even rarer is when you can see that change right in front of your eyes. That’s why we feel so blessed at Fred Astaire Colleyville to know Rebecca Smart, a brilliant and beautiful student of ours who was recently featured on the news for her incredible story.

Rebecca danced as a child, but got back into dance seriously two years ago after giving birth to her daughter. She was tired of all the weight she had put on, and was looking to reconnect with her childhood passion. She started doing one class a week with us, but quickly realized she wanted more; three classes a week turned into five classes a week. Needless to say, she has become one of our star pupils and a role model for everyone at the studio. Since starting her lessons at Fred Astaire Colleyville she has won five regional championships and has lost 128 pounds! It’s hard to imagine the passion and drive it takes to work that hard, but Rebecca has it in spades. We are so proud of her, and of all our students who use dance to have fun and better themselves as people.

Rebecca is proof that dance is a serious workout. Her lessons weren’t any more strenuous than any others, but her dedication and work ethic combined to create an ambitious and commendable exercise schedule that worked her brain and coordination as well as her muscles. 

We were really inspired by her growth, and it reminds us how powerful dance can be for physical fitness and mental health. Dance fosters focused and quick thinking, improves balance and fitness in innumerable ways, and can even improve breath control! The level of control over the body that dancers strive for is a key part of good physical fitness, and we at Fred Astaire Colleyville are committed to bringing these values of physical and mental fitness and self-improvement into every class and lesson we teach. We can all learn from Rebecca’s incredible passion: if you work hard and love fully, you can always improve yourself.