Ms. Tiffany

Studio Director, Professional Dance Instructor

Tiffany has been dancing since she could walk. She has the skills necessary on and off the floor to transfer concepts in dance and in business. She has won various titles in American Smooth dancing and trains all levels of students from very beginner social dancing to advance professionals at a competitive level.

She leads a team of extraordinary young professionals as the first Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Ft. Worth. Her goal is to continue training professionals to enable her to grow and expand the Fred Astaire brand throughout the Metroplex. She wants Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios to be the household name when it comes to partnership dancing, wedding dances, and just all around the friendliest, funniest spots in town!

Tiffany and her team actively find ways to give back to the community by helping to host Fundraisers with “Dancing with our Heroes”, the Fort Worth Opera, the Fort Worth Symphony, and numerous other community outreach programs. She and her team also volunteer their time throughout the year to work with the Fort Worth ISD “Lift” Program, teaching children with disabilities that they too can learn to dance.

Tiffany’s main mission is to bring to life the goal of Fred Astaire himself when he founded the franchise in 1947; to enrich the lives of anyone and everyone associated with her companies. Pretty tall order for a couple of dance studios, right? But that is exactly what she does everyday- inspire passion for life through dance.

Voyage Dallas

Mr. Dustin

Professional Dance Instructor

Ms. Stephanie

Professional Dance Instructor

Mrs. Stephanie began cheering and dancing at the age of 3 years old. She was born in Secaucus, New Jersey to loving and supportive parents and became a true Texan at the age of 4.  She has trained at prestigious Cheer, Dance and Tumbling centers throughout the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

She fell in love with partnership dancing at a young age, after accompanying her parents to several Salsa and Latin dancing events. She moved to Houston in 2009, and all it took was one too many boring office jobs for her to finally decide to pursue a career as a ballroom dance instructor.

Her favorite part of being a Dance Instructor is building connections and sharing experiences with her students. She comes from a large Puerto Rican family, who loves sharing stories, laughs and wisdom. It’s in her blood to connect with the people she meets.

The most rewarding part of her job is watching the transformation people make on the dance floor. She understands every single person has a different challenge when they learn to dance, whether it be physical, social or mental. Stephanie loves being a part of their journey and motivating them to overcome their obstacles.

When Stephanie isn’t dancing or teaching, she enjoys creating memories with her family and cooking large family style meals to bring people together.

Ms. Courtney

Professional Dance Instructor

Who doesn’t want a taste of the big apple all while getting the comforts of southern hospitality?  Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Courtney gives you all the energy of New York with the southern charm she has come to learn from her Georgia and Texas living. Growing up within a music filled household, parents who still get up first, and hustle together at all the parties they attend; you can say it was in her blood.

Courtney started dancing at age 6 and by then, already had her stage name of “Vanessa”, wanting to be a Rockette just like her studio teacher.  Having been trained in tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet, she started teaching at 15 at her local summer camp, creating the annual talent show for the next 3 years.

Realizing her dream of Radio City wasn’t going to happen because of her height, she turned to the Latin scene in New York and became hooked.  Soon after, moving to Atlanta where she not only got to train with some of the best choreographers in the Hip Hop and Latin World, she helped run a studio and continued her passion for teaching the youth all while still finding time to perform, learn and teach around town.

Courtney created a foundation with several Latin performance based groups such as Island Touch and an independent run studio where her ballroom bug grew.  Soon after, she found herself on the road to Texas where she continued to teach children’s dance classes and made her way over to Fred Astaire after leaving her retail career.

Courtney’s goal has always been helping her children and adults grow while having fun throughout the process. Her motto is: “Mistakes can be overlooked if your feeling and heart is showing.”  She believes in putting feeling and emotion into your dancing because a crappy day always feels a little better once you dance a few songs and leave it all on the floor.

Having competed in her first competition with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in December of 2017, Courtney placed 3rd in Novice and 2nd in Country, giving her a new outlet to grow in different styles of dance. She enjoys the challenge of taking her studio training and combing the two worlds.

If you ever get the chance to see Courtney dance, you will most likely be drawn in by her bigger-than-life personality that consumes the floor; singing randomly to every song she dances to and calling the local strays along the way.  Working with Fred Astaire Dance Studios has helped make her dreams come true; being the professional dancer she has always wanted to be, because here size doesn’t matter- but heart and passion do.