Eugene Yeremenko: Studio Owner, Dance Director and Instructor

Eugene was born in Poltava, Ukraine before moving to the United States in December 2006 where he began his career with Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios.

Eugene worked at as an instructor at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Tarrytown, NY until 2011 before he became a United States National Nine-Dance Finalists with partner Marisa in 2012 and 2013.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Represented the Ukraine in the European and World Ballroom Dance Championships.
  • Fred Astaire National Rising Star Rhythm Champion
  • Eugene is 4 time winner of the Annual Fred Astaire Award for New York State as Top Teacher
  • Took numerous Top Teacher awards at many Fred Astaire National and Cross Country Championships

Eugene was a Top Overall Dance Instructor at Fred Astaire National Championships 4 times.  He has experience teaching adults and children social dancing and competitive Dancesport style dancing. His students have won numerous awards at independent competitions as well as Fred Astaire Regional and National Championships

Under Eugene’s and Marisa’s ownership, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Manhasset has won National Top Studio Award 4 times in a row.

“I am very honored and inspired to work at the Award winning Fred Astaire Dance studio of Manhasset. Dancing has been my passion since I was 6 years old and thanks to Fred Astaire Dance Studios I have a wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge and love to dance with our fabulous Staff and Students on Long Island, NY”.

Marisa Yatsenko: Studio Owner, Manager and Instructor.

Marisa hails from Poltava, Ukraine and has a Degree in Fine Arts and Design. She moved to the USA in December 2006 where she began her career as a dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tarrytown, NY until 2011.

In 2008 Marisa became the Fred Astaire National Rising Star Rhythm Champion and in 2012 and 2013, she and her partner Eugene became United States National Nine-Dance Finalists.

In addition, Marisa has taken home numerous Top Teacher awards at many Fred Astaire National and Cross Country Championships

Marisa has extensive experience teaching ballroom dance to adults and children. She was instantly loved by her students for her dance skills and quickly became top teacher in the region while winning numerous Annual Fred Astaire Awards for New York State as Top Teacher and Supervisor.

“I love to Dance, it is what I enjoy doing the most in life, my students think I am good at it but I always try to push for better, to learn new things, new moves, new teaching technics, it is always about improving what you have, progress never stops.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Manhasset offers me an opportunity to fulfil my passion to dance, teach and enjoy all the benefits of dancing. I love working with my students, I want them to improve as dancers, cheer up their mood, get them into the best shape they can be and share a joy of moving to the music. To dance to me means to be healthy in mind and body, I love investing into people’s better being, this is how I believe we enrich our students life.”



Eugene Bubyr – Dance Instructor

“All my life has been about dancing, since the time I took my first ballroom lesson at the age of 5. I soon realized that dancing will be part of my life forever. Dancing makes me feel confident, strong, keeps me in shape and keeps my mind sharp. Through dancing I was able to travel the world, meet different people and dancers, create friendships, and even find my beautiful wife. I’m honored to work at Fred Astaire dance studios, and exited to share my experience with each and every student.”

– Started ballroom dancing at the age of 5.

– Bachelor degree in Education.

– Joined Manhasset staff for training in 2017.

– Winner and Finalist of numerous International and European Dance Championships in International Standard.

– Finalist of numerous National Formation Championships in the Ukraine.

– 2012 – 2016 traveled to many countries including South Korea, Egypt, Turkey and China as a choreographer, performer, coach and competitor.

Bryan Wodarczak: Dance Instructor

Bryan has recently entered the world of ballroom. Having studied ballet, modern, jazz, and tap previously he is extremely excited to be adding this new element to his education and life.

Bryan has immersed himself in the performing arts over the past 2 decades on both sides of production. In addition to his years of performing, he has also earned his BFA in Design Technology from SUNY Purchase where he majored in Stage Management. In addition he also studied Dance Performance and Composition, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Properties Design and Construction, and Costume Design and Construction at Purchase.

Bryan’s love of dancing has always been the driving force behind his ambitions.  He considers himself fortunate to find a home at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, with amazing colleagues, and wonderful students with whom he can share his passion, and enthusiasm.