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After my lesson tonight, I felt it important that I reach out and offer some customer feedback about the Menomonee Falls, WI location.
My fiancée and I have been taking lessons for a few months now, in preparation for our wedding dance in 3 weeks.  So far, the program has been amazing.  
Emily was the first to invite us to the studio for an intro lesson after seeing her on separate occasions at different wedding expos over the summer.  She remembered who we were after the first expo and it felt like we just picked back up the conversation at the next one.  She made us feel very welcome and unintimidated.  Which has been great for me personally.
When we went to the studio I was impressed by the cleanliness and warm inviting atmosphere, but even more so, at the very joyful and all inclusive welcome we received from the staff.  Immediately everyone working seemed to go out of their way to make us feel welcome, and it felt genuine.  I have since learned that it is and it’s been a treat seeing how well they foster a community at their studio.
We were assigned our main instructor Shem.  We.  Love.  Shem!  Right away he had us on the beat and moving our feet.  I struggle with intense stage fright, so it was very hard for me to step on that floor with other people around, but once I did, I felt safe and relaxed in Shem’s care.  And now it’s so much easier!  Additionally, we are a lesbian couple, and I was a little nervous about inclusion, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Shem never batted an eye or faltered a beat in teaching me how to confidently lead while simultaneously drawing grace and beauty out of my fiancée Linda.  We never feel like “others” in their studio, and that has been wonderful as well.
We have also been fortunate enough to take a few lessons with some of the other instructors.  Emily is relaxed and fun.  She keeps us super casual while working us through our choreography speed bumps.  And we both really appreciated that Emily danced with the Female choreographer on the video they made for us.  We didn’t ask for that, they were just that thoughtful.  It was so nice.  
Tonight we had our first lesson with Arsen.  It went so well we booked an additional class with him again this week.  Everyone said he was great at ironing out technique and oh boy were they right.  We worked on a specific section of the dance and Arsen was so good at teaching us how to make it look like a dance instead of just dance steps.  And he was very encouraging while offering amazing constructive feedback.  He pushed us and inspired us to be better.  It was an awesome lesson  and I can’t wait to do more with him.
And lastly, Magdalena.  From our very first visit, Magdalena has not only been equally friendly and inviting, but she goes specifically out of her way, at every visit, to come say hi, check in, see how it’s going, ask if we need anything, and always, always has a smile on her face and fun easy energy,  I can’t imagine a better captain of this ship.  She is very professional but it also feels like everyone is family.  And it’s so obvious how much she cares about this family.  
Tonight, I had to tell her the awful news that my fiancée had a friend pass away this week, which was why she was running a few minutes late.  Without skipping a beat, Magdalena pulled our instructor aside and set us up with a slightly more relaxed although very productive lesson.  There was obvious real concern and care there and I could not be more impressed with the level of professionalism, dedication and infectious joy that this whole crew puts out!
The gals at the front desk are also hilarious and I am often staying late after class having fun chats with them.
Anyway, If there’s anything corporate can do to recognize the staff at this studio, I would just like to say that they deserve it.  From top to bottom, everyone we’ve encountered  we would consider friends, and in what feels like no time at all, we are dancing beautifully together with more improvement on the horizon.  (And if I can afford it, I would love to continue dancing here after the wedding).
Thank you for having such a great studio for us to find our feet in, and sincerely, from both of us, thank you for helping our wedding dreams come true!
Cheers to Menomonee Falls Fred Astaire Studio!
Jaimi Davis & Linda Elmer