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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Testimonials

What Our Students Are Saying…

“I first started dancing a year ago and was lucky enough to have Sarah as my teacher. I was inexperienced and very nervous. But she was so warm and welcoming and over time she helped me develop the confidence I had always wanted in dancing. She is such an inspiring person and so very talented! I was also lucky enough to work with Nedko. He too is very talented and I learned much from him. He choreographed a beautiful dance for us and showed me how to be a better lead. These two are absolutely amazing teachers, their knowledge and talent of dance is endless and I would recommend them to anyone interested in learning from the best!!!”

-Michael D.

“When asked what I love most about dancing, my answer can vary, but after this weekend, my answer is the community. The group at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Phoenix North is truly like being part of a family. And it doesn’t stop there, I’m amazed by the community experienced when all the studios in the Phoenix area come together. From fellow students, competitors, other FADS pros, and even the area director Albina A Habrle, the support and kindness is overwhelming.”

-James S.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Nedko Petrov as my dance instructor for 10 years!  I had no dance experience when I started and now compete in regional and national competitions. Not only has it been a remarkable learning experience, it’s been so much fun!  As a wife, mother, grandmother, and community volunteer, my time is spent seeing to the needs of others. Ballroom is the one thing I do for myself. It’s good for the mind, spirit and body.  Sarah is my female coach and helps me with styling and interpretation. Together they make a great team and I look forward to warm welcome I receive every time I walk through the studio doors!

-Nancy S.

I am impressed at how fast Sarah could teach me some basic steps. I have had just a few lessons so far but can really feel the progress. Great staff and ambiance. Very energizing experience. It feels great to be learning from such high-caliber yet so friendly professionals!

-Luciano S.

“A fun experience even for two left feet! The staff is great and you can tell they love what they do. Thanks for teaching me to dance!”

-Brent H.

“I have wanted to dance ballroom since I was about 7 or 8. After I came across the Fred Astaire Phoenix North location, I knew I needed to finally give it try. Not sure if they could tell, however that I was shaking in my boots my first 4 or 5 lessons. The thought of dancing excited me but I was very intimidated as well. Thankfully, the family of FAD Phoenix North made me feel at home and helped me find confidence on and off the dance floor. For any one who has thought about ballroom dance but is intimidated or unsure where to start, FADS will be like a second home and a second family. I hope to inspire and empower people with dance the same way everyone at FAD has for me.”

-Isabel A.

“We’ve been going for two months and have learned a lot from the Rumba to the Electric Slide. Good fun and great exercise.”

-Steve C.

I absolutely adore going to Fred Astaire Phoenix North. The owners Sarah and Nedko Petrov are so welcoming and kind. They make everyone feel at home and have such a fun time teaching. The rest of the staff is fantastic as well and we always have such a good time being there. If you are considering lessons or just stopping by to see if it is a good fit for you, you will not be disappointed!

-Leesha W.

“I love it and enjoying the dance moves, especially the foxtrot and tango. I can use this skills in my travels and cruises of which there is always dancing involved.”

-Althea H.

“Beautiful studio great people, I would have to say all the people that I have met at Fred Astaire are great.”

-Dan C.

“I have had the privilege of dancing with and getting to know Nedko and Sarah. They have true passion for the art of dance. If you are thinking of taking lessons at their studio you will learn a lot and have fun in the process.”

-Jill M.

“My husband gave me (us) dance lessons for Christmas and, while I was not initially enthused about this gift, it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Sarah is the most patient, knowledgeable and caring teacher and makes every lesson a fun time. She and Nedko are a great team and really care about the success of their students. If you are considering dance lessons, you could not find a better place to go.”

-Phyllis K.

“My husband and I joined Fred Astaire as a fun date night activity. Neither of us had danced before but after just a few weeks of lessons under Sarah’s excellent tuition we were proficient in not one but three dances! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something fun to do with their partner!”

-Bev. B.

“Nedko and Sarah are the best dance teachers ever! They make learning fun and easy! My husband and I took many lessons and always walked (or maybe that danced away, haha) learning something new. Highly recommend them!”

-Linda B.