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For Wedding Dance Memories That Will Last a Lifetime…

We know how important your Wedding Day is, and at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we can help make it even more special! We customize our Wedding Dance Instruction Programs just for you, to give you both the skills to show off your elegance, style – and maybe even a little personality on the dance floor, on your wedding day. We can help you create a special “First Dance” that’s totally “YOU” – whether that means elegant, contemporary, or just plain fun. Amaze your family and friends with your new-found dance skills, and enjoy magical wedding day memories that will be yours forever.

Call today, and let’s talk about your dream wedding dance!

  • Your Wedding Day First Dance
    A First Dance is an everlasting expression of your love and commitment – for you and your new spouse, as well as for the guests who are celebrating with you. Whether it’s a few simple steps to get by or a fully choreographed routine, we can help make your first dance as unique as the rest of your wedding day.
  • Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances
    A memorable Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance are memorable additions to your First Dance. Including your parents (or the special friends or family members who will be standing in that traditional role) in your wedding dance is a touching way to show your love and appreciation. We’d recommend also scheduling a few wedding dance lessons for them, too.
  • Wedding Party Dance Routines
    Looking for something that’s really memorable? We can choreograph a “YouTube-worthy” wedding dance for the whole bridal party, and that’s set to your favorite music! Extend those special moments with an awesome wedding dance routine you’ll want to re-live, again and again.

Your Day, YOUR Wedding Dance Experience

In no time at all, our certified Dance Instructors can help you master a few basic steps, so you’ll feel at ease and confident on your wedding day. Have something bigger in mind? We can choreograph a dance routine that also includes the wedding party! Today, there are no hard & fast rules – so you decide on the plan. We recommend scheduling your lessons at least a month before the ceremony (and further in advance, for more involved routines) so give us a call today for a consult. Feel free to bring along your favorite song, pictures of your venue, wedding attire… everything you’d like to share, to help us make your dream dance a reality.

Have Fun Along the Way To Wedding Day!

Wedding dance lessons are also great way to have fun and relax, before the Big Day. With all the deadlines, decisions, and schedules involved in planning your wedding, having this time to enjoy together can help you both de-stress and re-energize – and we promise you’ll have lots of fun! Contact us today, and give everyone at your wedding a dance to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Lessons

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