5 Reasons To Take West Coast Swing Dance Lessons

West Coast Swing (or Western Swing) quickly gained popularity across the U.S. because of its refined style and easy adaptation to contemporary rock music. A regional style popular on the West Coast of the U.S., the dance made a bid for national recognition in the late 50s and continues to grow in popularity well into the 21st century.

After nearly five decades, the West Coast Swing has endured the test of time and it’s no surprise why. This adaptable dance incorporates many forms of swing including the Lindy, Shag, Whip and Push. Versatile dancers, eager to display their talent, are continually innovating new and interesting movement in swing.

Here are five reasons why you should learn the West Coast Swing:

  1. You can choose almost any type of music to dance to. You’ll most likely be able to dance to your favorite songs with the West Coast Swing since it can be fast or relaxed, soft or authoritative. This makes it a great fit for pop, rock, blues, jazz and anything in between.
  2. It’s an equal partnership dance. The WCS is a conversation between each dancer; the leader may start the dance, but the follower can jump in and change the direction of the “conversation” in order to add some zest of their own. This constant interplay keeps this dance fabulously exciting.
  3. You can incorporate other dance techniques. Since the West Coast Swing is basically made up from every other dance we teach, you can take advantage of previously learned dances. However, this means that we don’t necessarily recommend starting your dance journey with the WCS.
  4. You can keep it casual. Yes, we know ballroom dance is usually very proper and fancy but the West Coast Swing likes to the break the rules a bit. If blue jeans and a t-shirt are more your style, the WCS has got you covered.
  5. Creativity is highly recommended. Out of all types of ballroom dances, the West Coast Swing gives dancers the most flexibility when it comes to being creative. Of course, proper technique is still very important but with the West Coast Swing we encourage personalizing your movement and letting your imagination take the lead.

Step into our dance studio and get started today! We offer private lessons and group classes in all forms of ballroom dance, including the West Coast Swing, and we’re waiting for you to drop by and become part of our family. New students, make sure to ask about our Introductory Offer!