Wedding Programs

Dance for your Wedding

wedding2The wedding dance is one of the most popular programs offered by Fred Astaire Dance Studios.
As this is the first dance for the rest of your life together, we put a great deal of attention and detail into helping you select music and choreography to make the moment truly magical. When choreographing a wedding dance, we take into consideration the couple’s personality, the music, the size of the dance floor, and the time constraints of the couple. We can instruct you in a number of social dances as well to ensure that you will always feel comfortable dancing the night away. Every effort is made to ease the couple’s anxiety and enhance one of the most special days of their life. Don’t procrastinate — call us today in order to give yourself time to feel confident about your dancing before the big day.


How To Get Started

You can get started by:

  • Using our Introductory Special Program – If you are interested in exploring 2-3 dances that are popular at weddings, take advantage of our Introductory Special (one 30-minute Private Lesson and a Party for only $45.00 per couple.) You will be introduced to the basics of two slow dances (usually popular as a “first” dance), and one faster party dance (to be used during the rest of your celebration). Your teacher will get a chance to understand your needs, goals and current dance skills better prior to starting a First Dance choreography for you.He /She will then be able to recommend a dance lesson package suitable for you.
  • wedding1Using a Wedding Dance Consultation LessonIf you have already selected your wedding dance music and/or are very close to your wedding date and rather concentrate on learning your First Dance only, a wedding consultation lesson may be a better way for you to get started. It is a forty-five minute private lesson with one of our wedding dance specialists, designed to introduce you to a few of the basic steps that apply to the rhythm of the selected by you music. The price for this lesson is $130.00 per couple. After you complete the consultation lesson your teacher will be able to recommend for you one of our wedding packages and you can credit your lesson towards the package of your choice if you decide to continue dancing with us.
  • Wedding Packages: A variety of packages specially designed with wedding plans in mind are available. You and your instructor can develop special choreography using basic steps to make your first dance very special for you both and very impressive to your guests. To help that along, you will get a chance to rehearse your first dance at our regular practice sessions. We’re a friendly and encouraging (and safe) audience!!!

Wedding Music

If you do not have a song in mind, our staff has a large selection of possible choices for every taste and style. You could also look at some suggestions at The Follow the link below for your convenience.
If you have already decided what music to use for your first dance, please bring a copy of it with you on an audio CD or IPod.

After your wedding day

We’ve all been at events and noticed that couple who dance together like they’ve done so for all of their lives. Well, we’ll tell you a little secret — they have!!! They’re so at ease in each other’s arms, regardless of the music or the event. We all want to be them.

Make dancing a part of your married life just as it’s been a part of your wedding day. It can be a continuing celebration of your lives together.

Many couples view the dance lessons after the wedding as their on-going “date night”. With busy professional lives, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to focus on each other, to hold each other in their arms. And building on what you’ve accomplished with your wedding dance you have the tools you need to become that couple everyone looks at, admires and, yes, envies.