Ballroom Dancing Southbury

Our Holiday Dance Party!

Holiday Dance Parties in Woodbury, CT

We danced Christmas songs.

Dancing Argentine Tango near Southbury CT

The glamorous atmosphere inspired everyone to put their best foot forward.

Ballroom Southbury

Our Friday’s Parties are a great way to practice the steps you had learned earlier on the week.

Mardi Gras dance party Oxford CT

A happy and colorful night at our Mardi Gras Dance party.

Socializing Southbury

We offer a wonderful practice party, where you can relax and socialize.

Dance salsa Southbury

Every student enjoyed their time at our special Friday dance party.

Rhythm night near Southbury

A specially selected playlist of music kept everyone out on the floor.

Mardi Gras party Southbury

Students danced and felt like they were away in a great vacation in New Orleans; only happen at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Southbury.

Fred Astaire Southbury

Happy faces!

snowman southbury

Students being recognized at our guest contest “Dress our snowman”

Tango Southbury

It was great to see everyone having a great time.

Parties Southbury Woodbury CT

It was a great night. Many thanks to everyone who came to support this wonderful party and helped make it a success. Everyone enjoyed a great evening of dancing.

Dance like Fred Astaire

Guests moved to songs such as “Dance Like Fred Astaire.”

Dance instructors

All of our instructors are constantly assisting students while they are having fun.

Great Dancing Connecticut

Great dancing, fun playing, or just enjoying the evening. Our Grande Mardi Gras Party was just another of many theme parties we offer to all our students to have fun and  practice the dance steps learned on their lessons .

Ballroom youth Southbury CT

Our younger stars captured the cool style of today’s youth.

Our Hawaiian Practice Dance Party.