A BIG Congratulations to our Freddy Ball Winners!

The Freddy Ball competition and awards banquet are behind us, but that sweet glow of success and pride remains. Our studio was so wonderfully represented on and off the dance floor at this spectacular event.

We couldn’t be prouder of those who took part in the competition, and thanks to those who came out and supported our dancers. Mike McCullough represented San Antonio in our Advanced Bronze Smooth Divisions and placed exceptionally well. We had a blast with at our Freddy Ball Awards Banquet, where we celebrated 2018 and our students’ accomplishments.

Dance is a joy and a pleasure, but competition can be as well. Dance for fun. We love that. But if you want to compete and take your devotion to dance to a higher level, then think about the Freddy Ball competition for next year. And the time to start working is now!

Our students who received 2017 Freddy Awards were:

Mike McCullough – Top Male

Mike McCullough – Top Competitor

Cathy Teague – Top Female

Lawson and Gloria Magruder – Top Couple

Also, a big congratulations to our very own instructor Anthony Pugliese, who won the Top Apprentice Award for 2018.

We had a great time and we’re so proud of our winners!