Inviting All Military Personnel To Join Us!

We owe much to our great military and we thank the brave men and women of the armed forces for their service. Now we’ve got a way to thank our soldiers, past and present, for all they’ve done and all they will do as we celebrate July 4th by providing a special military discount for all military personnel.

We already have students at the Alamo Heights studio who are or were in the military. They feel dance lessons are beneficial to them in many ways, and we would like more service people to discover dance not only for their enjoyment but their physical and mental health.

Dance has been shown to have therapeutic value for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and/or anxiety. Dancing can help them cope with PTSDs effects in a healthy, fun way.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Texas continues to have great success with its initiative, giving vets a wonderful way to channel their energies and continue the healing process. Some become quite proficient on the dancefloor! We would like to replicate that success.

Tell your friends who serve or have served about our special discount. We’ll be getting the word out as well. This is a program that is good for all and all for their good. Many different styles of dance (tango, salsa) offer an opportunity for therapy as well as a good time!

Have a wonderful July 4 holiday!