Swing into April at our Spring Starlight!

Dance is always fun for us. We can be out at a club, or a party or just working on a few different steps and techniques here at the Alamo Heights studio and we’ll be having fun.

But we also have a competitive side. And we like to show what we know. So please join us on Saturday, April 14, at 12:30 for Spring Starlight at the FADS Austin studio.

Our hard-working and dedicated students will perform exhibition routines and we’ll have professional performances too. We’ll serve lunch and cocktails and we promise you a darn good time.

Tickets are available in the studio, so be sure to check with your instructor about joining us for this fun event. Your fellow students always enjoy having the eyes of others on them in a show and our professional instructors also like to strut their stuff in front of a crowd.

Your Alamo Heights Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the place to be not only for great entertainment but for the best in ballroom dance instruction, be it in private dance lessons or group dance classes. Are you looking to expand your dance repertoire? Salsa, bachata, tango? Rumba, cha-cha? An elegant waltz?

Expand your dance horizon. And join us for Spring Starlight in Austin on April 14.