Week 12: Get To Know Your FADS Team

Question: “How would you describe what your job is to a kindergartner?” 

Justin: I give people a reason to have fun in their lives by teaching them to dance

Sydney: My job is getting to teach anyone and everyone how easy it is to dance!

Philip: Challenge and influence people to grow and become the best version of themselves using dance as the vehicle

Kaylee: At my job I’m a super hero princess!! I send all day in a beautiful tower helping others learn the magic of dancing, spreading smiles and joy and dressed up pretty everyday!!! It’s really great but no dragon guarding the entrance!

Anthony: WELL I would say that “I teach ballroom dancing” because it is the most simple way to explain it, in my opinion.  There are a lot of things that I actually do in this career, but I feel that this is the most applicable definition because it applies to everyone.  Everyone comes in for different reasons that can include getting ready for a wedding, being healthier, do something fun, meet new people, learn a new skill.  But learning, I feel, is the one thing that can be unequivocally applied to all students regardless of how long they are with us for.
Of course everyone is interested for different reasons so if a child were to ask me this I would also find out why they are interested so that I can answer this, and subsequent questions, as accurately as possible :)!

Christopher: I make people happy by being myself and doing things I love.

Steffany: I help people follow their dreams, create lifelong magical memories, and continuously grow into better versions of themselves.