Week 13: Get To Know Your FADS Team

Question: Other than dancing, and outside of work, what is one thing you enjoy doing?

Justin: When I’m not working with my students or practicing dancing, I like to spend as much time with my dog, Sissy, as I can. She and I will go to the dog park, go for long walks, and even relax and watch a movie! She has lots of friends that love her, and so she is always getting spoiled!

Jason: Building Legos and working on my Lego city!

Philip: Backcountry camping

Christopher: Writing. Most short stories or poetry, but recently a screenplay

Anthony: Kind of a vague answer, but I would say cooperative gaming.  I like Role Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter, or Final Fantasy XI, but any game where me and my friends can be a team are also favorites such as Castlevania:  Harmony of Despair, or Battlefield 4.  I like games where everyone has a different role to play and strength to bring to the table.  In the formerly mentioned games I most commonly play a Wizard or Rogue because I like being strategic and making calculated decisions.  The same can be said of shooting games where I am usually the Scout Recon of the group.  I would more commonly use my sniper rifle to scout a position from a hidden location and relay the information to my team than just shooting people.  It’s not uncommon for me to have the least number of “kills” in the game and yet have one of the highest scores because of the support role I play.  With Castlevania, each of my friends has a favorite member of the Belmont Clan, so it usually works out that we have different strengths and weaknesses.  Although I do like games of all sorts, it is significantly less fun if playing by myself.

Sydney: I enjoy playing my piano, reading books, photography and videography, and of course snuggles with my cat!

Kaylee: I love to play video games and read books!!!

Denise: The activity I do most is either listening to audiobooks or playing a video game. They’re both the quickest way for me to unwind after a busy day. Right now my audiobook series is one by Robin Hobb and I listen at every chance I get!

Steffany: I do a lot of reading and listening to Audio books. But, I enjoy most artistic activities. I paint, sketch, DIY projects, and sing. My husband and I also like to try a new restaurant every other week. Anything with friends is always a blast. And i love my Game Nights

Clarice: Outside of work, I enjoy cooking and completing crossword puzzles. My family would always work on the crossword puzzles in the daily newspaper together when I was younger, so it became one of my favorite activities!