Week 3: Get To Know Your FADS Team

Each week we’ll be asking the members of our Alamo Heights team a question to help you get to know us better!

We’re kicking off this week with: “If you came with a warning label, what would it say?”


Warning: subject to spontaneous outbursts of sarcasm, laughter, self reflection, and songs.

Side effects: contagious grins & chuckles. May suck you into the world of horror movies.


WARNING: this extroverted introvert can cause deep self reflection and a resistance to societal norms. For best results please use in creative situations that also involve organizational practices. Most common side effects include an appreciation for great teaching, desire to evolve rather than just grow, and a strong love for BEYONCÉ.


Warning: I promise I’m not mad at you. This is just my face


Warning:  Exposure causes laughter and silliness.  Side effects include dizziness and swooning


Warning: makes way too many puns


For best results, give frequent kindness


Warning: Cute, but sassy

Side effects: laughter and minor awkwardness


Caution: Redhead!