Week 5: Get To Know Your FADS Team

Each week we’ll be asking the members of our Alamo Heights team a question to help you get to know us better!

This week we decided to switch things up a bit….We voted on “studio superlatives”, except everyone from both San Antonio studios voted!

So, without further adieu…. 

1) most likely to marry a celebrity – Christopher Simon

2) most likely to get covered in tattoos – Steffany Soucie-Sears

3) most likely to win a Darwin Award – Kaylee Fazio

4) most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse – Steffany Soucie-Sears

5) most likely to appear on a reality tv show – Alexis Ornelas

6) most likely to fall asleep at work – Anthony Pugliese

7) most likely to fall into a gorilla enclosure – Denise Bonaparte

8) most likely to join the circus – Tie with Kaylee Fazio & Sydney Burbach

9) most likely to be late to everything – Philip Gutierrez (almost unanimous)

10) most likely to win a best dressed title – Christopher Simon