Week 8: Get To Know Your FADS Team

If you had the choice of: 

1) Bringing 1 person back from the dead, as a 2nd chance at life with a clean bill of health. (if you choose this one list who you would bring back)


2) Allowing 1 night a year for deceased loved ones to visit our realm, (think the movie CoCo) Which would you choose and why?




I would Choose #2 so that everyone has the opportunity to talk with their deceased loved ones. But only on the condition that there are limits to the type of people that can enter our realm. For example, they can not have died on death row, no vengeful spirits, pretty much no spirit/soul with hatred or the will to cause pain or suffering.


#2, Duh! because having 1 night with all of my loved ones is better than just 1. How would I choose between them all?


Allowing one night a year. That way all of my relatives could visit me at least once a year and I could catch up with all that they’ve been doing and what the afterlife is like. I could also let them know what I’ve been up to!


Neither of these really hit home with me. I would ask for a modification to rule 1, and keep my dog alive as long as I live!


I would like for my loved ones to be able to visit our realm one night a year (usually on did de los metros). I think that it is a wonderful holiday that the deceased can cross over but instead of being with us in spirit, we could see and talk to them and let them know how everyone is. I think that would be very meaningful as well as families would be more connected to their past relatives and heritage.


Actually, I’d bring back my favorite cat.


I would allow 1 night a year for the deceased to visit so that I could meet my grandparents, as well as my great-grandparents.


If given a choice between the two I would easily choose #1 because #2 is subjective.

As far a who I would pick, I would have to say Bruce Lee.  He was taken before his time.


Neither. I feel that the irrevocably of death forces all of us to come to terms with mortality, and have more appreciation for life. In my opinion having the ability to bring loved ones back would depreciate the the experience of both life and death, ultimately never allowing for people to come to terms with the completion of our natural cycle.


I choose option two. I saw the movie Coco, so I feel pretty informed of the benefits.