Swing Into Winter With The Gift of Dance!

Happy Holidays!

We’d like to make the holiday season just a little bit more bright by offering a very special offer at our Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Alamo Heights studio.

When you give the gift of dance, you’re giving much more than dance lessons – you’re giving the gifts of joy, health, confidence, and fun! This special is great for yourself and to surprise a family member, significant other, friend or colleague!

Our Holiday Special includes:

  • 2 Private Dance Lessons (30 Minutes Each)
  • 1 Studio Party to Practice What You’ve Learned!
  • Plus…. If you refer a friend and they complete an introductory lesson, you will receive a FREE gift!

This offer provides many benefits, aside from the fabulous price and value.

To borrow an old phrase, ballroom dance instruction is the gift that keeps on giving and that others can enjoy as well. Everyone has their own reason for starting ballroom dance – and once they do, they discover there are so many benefits of dance – including physical, psychological and social factors. 

Second, this gift provides an instant kick-start to the New Year’s resolution of nearly every person – getting in better shape.

Dance is fabulous exercise, as those who take our salsa classes are well aware. Along with providing cardio conditioning and muscle tone, it is also a great stress-buster (and that’s important around the holidays, with so much to do and so many demands on your time). So a gift a of a private lesson and a practice party, or two private lessons and two practice parties, creates a commitment to fitness that works with any New Year’s resolution about fitness and diet.

Private ballroom dance lessons are a great way for the more experienced dancer to make rapid strides under the careful eye of our highly-qualified professionals. And it is a wonderful introduction for the novices who might be just a little bit shy in a group dance class.

Check with us at the studio. We will be happy to tell you more about this holiday special and other dance gifts available through our Alamo Heights dance studio.

The holidays are about sharing. Why not share the gift of dance?