Swinging into the Summer Spirit {Part 1}

June’s arrival heralds the beginning of Festival, and you know what that means.

But just in case you need a reminder about all of the fun and good times ahead…

Festival, which runs from June 1-21 is a time of year where students can win free lessons, free FADS memorabilia, have special outings, and even bonus group classes. There are also discounts on lessons, banquets, shows, clinics, and many other events.

How about that? Places to go, things to do, cool stuff you can take home! That’s why we’re excited about seeing you at Festival at the Alamo Heights studio.

We also want to remind everyone that Father’s Day is coming up on June 16. Does that special man deserve something truly special? Forget about a tie or polo shirt. Give him a gift you can both enjoy! We’re offering a Father’s Day special offer – two private introductory lessons for just $40. Dance is the gift that keeps on giving and one that can be shared. Let’s get Dad off the sofa and onto the dance floor!

And one last item before we go: we are excited to announce that there will now be free open house group classes each month at the Alamo Heights studio. Stay tuned for the dates. This is a great opportunity to bring along some friends and share all the fun you have on the dance floor!