Try Something New This Year; Try Dancing With Us!

We all look forward to the New Year as a time for a fresh start, a change of habits, a clean slate.

We make resolutions. Oh, brother. We make resolutions.

Usually they involve losing weight, getting in better shape, doing something for our health and mental outlook.

Your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Alamo Heights is the perfect place for you to begin realizing real change in your life and the goal of a new you. We offer so much, far more than just the pleasure of dance!

Our FADS studio becomes your second family. We’re supportive of one another. We try to help each other accomplish their goals. We socialize at studio dance parties, we go to competitions to support our studio’s entrants, we do benefits in the community, we strive to be just a little bit better than before.

Those are reasonable goals. We just make them fun!

Remember, ballroom dancing can be great exercise in a low-stress environment. Try one of our salsa classes and you will never climb on a treadmill again! You want to drop a few holiday pounds? Dance. According to, at a more vigorous pace, you can expect to burn about 360 calories an hour at a weight of 125 pounds, while a weight of 155 pounds causes you to burn close to 450 calories per hour.

Dance Lessons at our Alamo Heights studio provide new experiences, new challenges, a new community, new passions, and SO much more! Make 2018 the year you create memories to last a lifetime with new friends and a new hobby!

To help you accomplish these goals, we are running a special New Years Offer: buy one introductory program for yourself (single or couple) and get one Introductory Program Free to give to a friend (single or couple)*. Our Introductory Program consists of 2 private, 30 minute dance lessons!

Come and see us. Sign up for dance classes. Make that your New Year’s resolution. You will feel better, look better and have more fun! You’ll meet new people in a comfortable setting and you will discover a passion you didn’t you had. And, with our current special, you can give the gift of dance to a friend!

* New Students only. 1 Introductory Program covers 1 single or 1 couple. Introductory Programs can not be combined with any other specials, and Free Introductory Program can not be combined with purchased Introductory Program.