Mother’s Day is May 13th!

You’ve done the flowers, the brunch, the flowers AND the brunch.

Now, for Mother’s Day, take the extra step. Take it on the dance floor.

How about dance lessons for Mom (or your wife, if you are one of those good husbands who honors all the sacrifices made by your better half raising the offspring)?

Gift certificates for Dance lessons at a Fred Astaire Alamo Heights – and for merchandise from our fabulous store for all of her dance needs, from shoes to performance garb – make a great and different gift that can be life-changing. Whether it’s for group ballroom dance classes or private instruction with our outstanding professionals, this present will impress.

Face it, brunch is a memory after it’s eaten. Flowers die in a week. Dance is the gift of a lifetime and for a lifetime.

Ballroom dancing is that perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. It’s a great workout; has documented physical and mental health benefits; can enhance your social life and self-confidence; reduces stress and depression; promotes relaxation; is a wonderful outlet for self-expression and creativity; and it’s FUN!! With all these reasons to start dancing – we challenge you to find a good reason NOT to.

And if Dad goes along with Mom for some lessons, well, that’s a wonderful way to rekindle a relationship and light that spark. It is time well-spent together.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. The happiest ones will be joining us in the dance studio for the lessons given to them as a wonderful and cherished gift.

Contact your local studio now about gift certificates or putting mom “on scholarship” for dance levels. She’ll love you for it. She loves you anyway. That’s how moms roll.