Couples That Sway Together, Stay Together

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind everyone of how dance can change your life and your relationship with your spouse, partner or that future special someone.

For couples, who are often stressed by the demands of everyday life, that getaway time on the dance floor can reignite passions and that sense of oneness so critical to a relationship. In ballroom dancing, couples are holding each other, moving as one. It often reminds them of those passions from the days when they were dating and more carefree.

In learning to dance together, people learn, or re-learn, trust and anticipate the moves of the other. There is leading and following and this precision tends to breed more bonding. Dance is non-verbal communication, but we would tell you that couples who dance well together likely are able to express themselves to each other verbally as well. Dance is often a way of expressing sexual desire and a pathway to that closeness.

Dancing provides a fun activity that offers not only benefits in terms of physical fitness but in emotional well-being. People enjoy themselves on the dance floor, enjoying moving and being in contact with others, especially that special person. Many of our students will tell you how much their self-confidence and self-esteem has been bolstered through dance and involvement with their “family” at Fred Astaire Stone Oak Dance Studio. They feel more connected to their partner and to their own life.

Try it. We’re the best for all forms of ballroom dance instruction, whether you prefer private dance lessons or group dance instruction. The closer you are, the closer you get. The closer you get, the closer you are.

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