Dance Chat Weekly; A New Interactive Way to Learn!

Learning and growing as a dancer revolves around lots of practice and the great ballroom dance instruction you receive at your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield

We offer plenty of lessons via the internet and have now added another tool for our dancers to build their knowledge and skills. It’s called “Dance Chat Weekly.”

Every Saturday – times may vary, so keep checking our Facebook page – we are presenting an exciting, interactive, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC segment hosted by, Regional and Studio Director, Albina A. Habrle. Each presentation features Albina interviewing a very special guest from the dance industry, complete with a LIVE Q&A featuring questions submitted by you, the audience!

Don’t forget, all are welcome to join us as this weekly segment is open to the public and studios around the world!

We ask that questions be submitted prior to the Saturday segment. You may do so in three ways:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Emailing the studio
  • Contact your professionals directly

Simply send an email or Facebook private message to the studio to register and receive the Dance Chat Weekly Zoom link. We strongly encourage registering early and being sure to submit any questions you would like answered during showtime.

Visiting with leaders in the dance industry, on Dance Chat Weekly, offers a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry, get your questions answered, and complement your outstanding in-studio & virtual learning. We are bringing the top experts right to you!

Join us and embark on a new and different direction in dance. For more information, please contact your studio today! You can also find all the info here: