Join Our Milwaukee Friends in Celebrating Their Grand Reopening!

Milwaukee - Grand Opening - Studio Guest PartyWhat’s more fun than one of our parties? How about one of our parties in our new Milwaukee location? As some of you may know, our friends at our Milwaukee location have recently moved into a brand new studio!

As part of their Grand Opening Celebration, they’re throwing a Guest Party on Thursday, September 22nd from 7:30-9:30 p.m. We would like to officially invite our Brookfield students to join in celebrating their big move!

They’ve been in the new studio since September 6th and would like to make their big reveal to our current and new students along with our city neighbors, family and friends.  Their new address is 625 East St. Paul Ave, Suite 100, Milwaukee, WI 53202. 

This Guest Party is free and open to the public with a chance to enjoy professional and student performances. Students from our Milwaukee and Brookfield studios can enjoy socializing while making new connections with fellow students and friends of the community who love to dance as well.

For our students, this is a great opportunity to share their passion for dance with family members, co-workers and friends who would enjoy our activities. We’ll even offer a complimentary dance lesson for any new student who attends, and they can also enter a raffle to win a beginner package!

Dance? Did someone say dance? Why of course we will have general dancing, complete with light refreshments as well. This will be quite the party!

Mark Thursday, September 22nd on your calendar. Whether it be your paper or any electronic calendar, be sure to create reminders as this is the party not to miss! It’s a Grand Opening!

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