Thinking about dance lessons? Here are the answers to our most common questions!

When is the best time to learn how to dance?

Right now.

That is always the correct answer. Ballroom dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Brookfield provides an outlet for creativity and passion, while meeting social needs and providing exercise.

You couldn’t possibly have any more questions, could you? Oh, you do.

Do I Need a Partner to Join? You do not need a partner to come and dance with us! We welcome singles and couples here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. If you come in as an individual, your dance instructor will be your partner for private lessons. Our group classes and social dance parties will provide plenty of opportunities to meet – and dance – with other students and professionals with the same interests and goals.

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Ballroom Dance? Our dance instructors can have you up and moving in as little as one or two lessons with basic steps but, as with learning any new skill, practice, and repetition, makes perfect. Meeting your specific dance goals depends on how often you take lessons and practice. Our dance instructors are here to help with a personal dance plan made specifically for you.

Am I Too Old to Learn to Ballroom Dance? Absolutely not! Ballroom dance is for all ages, all ability and skill levels, EVERYONE, and the best time to start – did we mention this? – is now. Ballroom dance is full of great health benefits for all ages and you would be surprised what ballroom dancing can do for the mind, body and soul!

Will My Lessons be at the Same Time Every Week? Not necessarily. To accommodate your schedule, we attempt to be as flexible as possible and will work to schedule your lessons on dates and times that are best for you. We do recommend scheduling lessons a few weeks in advance, in order to ensure you receive your preferred lesson dates and times.

How Do I Get Started? Our studio offers a variety of new student introductory specials! These specials allow you to experience what our studio is all about and to try your ‘foot’ at a few of the most popular social dances. All our special offers are readily available for purchase on our website, and our friendly Customer Support Representatives are happy to help you by phone or email. We can’t wait to help you get started!