Brandon Romero – Dance Instructor

Originally from New Mexico, I began dancing in college. Through my years competing on the collegiate dance team, I became an 11-time USA Dance Collegiate and Amateur National Champion. I have been with Fred Astaire Dance Studios for approximately 1 year now and specialize in Rhythm and Smooth. Don’t let that fool you, I do also train and teach all styles of ballroom and Latin dance.

What I love the most about having a career with Fred Astaire Dance Studios are the people, you are consistently meeting someone new. I believe dancing can transform your mind and body, and in addition, give you benefits that will impact all aspects of your life.

It is amazing to see my students reach their goals and surpass their own expectations. If I had to give out one piece of advice for new and potential students it would be to work hard and be patient with yourself. Dancing is a journey and we have to enjoy the ride!