Helpful Tips to Achieve Perfect Ballroom Competition Hair!

There are three key components that make up a dance competition; the dancing, the audience, and the dancers themselves. Can you guess what the first thing is that the audience notices? That’s right, the dancer’s appearance – their costume, hair, and makeup to be specific. A dancers outfit, hair, and makeup play a big part in impressing the audience and judges!

Here are a few tips to help you achieve perfect ballroom hair:

  • Decide ahead of time if you will be doing your hair yourself, or hiring a hair stylist. If you are doing your own hair, practice, practice, practice! If you are going to a professional, choose a style that they have done for someone else that suits you, or make sure to bring a photo.
  • Always consider your costume; your hair should be in line with the style and vibe of your costume. Your hair should complete the look and feel!
  • Every section of your hair needs to be clean, clear and sharp. To do this, you need a very fine tooth comb and may need to part your hair a few times to get it clean and clear.
  • Consider clip-in hair extensions for narrow swirls or to add volume. The advantage of hair extensions is that you can buy or cut them to any length, so you are not limited to the length of your own hair. You can also get them in highlighting or contrasting hair colors to add some interest.
  • Shine is a must. A lot of the shine comes from the all the hairspray that is used. For the level of shine and the staying power you need, you really need to soak the hair.
  • Add your hair accessories and jewelry last. Hairspray will make the jewelry dull over time and may weaken the backing of some types of hair jewelry. For the same reason, it is also good to protect your costume from hairspray.

No matter your hair length, color, or volume, the main objective of any ballroom hair style is to have shape and interest!