Why Should I Take Ballroom Dance Lessons?

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios offer so many different forms of ballroom dance instruction, themed parties, outings and competitions that we could fill up your entire social calendar. And we are happy to do so.

Still, some people hesitate. Should I take dance lessons? What’s going to be so great about it for me?

The answer is: Plenty. There is so much good about dance and especially ballroom dance instruction at FADS that we’re straining to limit the list. But here goes, with the best reasons we can offer that you should consider joining us for more fun, recreation and excitement in your life than you may have thought possible.

  1. Well, let’s just start with fun. Dance is fun. It is creative, expressive and develops a great sense of what a person’s body is capable of. Look at the joy on the faces of our dancers as they practice, their determination and dedication. They’ve found a great recreational outlet, and you should too.
  2. Can I afford it? FADs makes dance lessons a perfectly reasonable outing for you on your own, with a partner, or with your family. We offer many specials, free open houses and plenty of opportunities for would-be dancers to experience the program before taking the plunge. Our group ballroom dance classes are reasonably priced and a wonderful way for newbies to get a taste of our FADS family and how and what we teach.
  3. Do I want to develop a great social skill that will help me build self-confidence while I learn? Dance allows for greater interaction not only with our current friends and partners but with others. It breaks down barriers. It can help erase not only a negative body image but build a better sense of interaction with others and with music.
  4. Am I looking for a new hobby, a new passion and a path to better physical shape? For those seeking a way to lavish a just a bit of special attention on their bodies and minds, dance is a wonderful pathway. Exciting fast-paced dances like salsa and cha-cha get the body moving and expand cardio conditioning. The dance floor workout, combined with a little stretching, is just as good as a trip to the gym and probably better, given the social byplay and cooperative activity that dance (with or without a partner) comprises. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that children and adolescents do at least 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. This is quite reasonably done by adding dance classes to your weekly schedule. We teach slow dances and we teach fast dances, but all of them get you on your feet, keep you moving and fully engage your body, your mind and your senses.

We think those are convincing reasons for you to consider. We, of course, love dance. It is our mission to share that love and passion with everyone. Dance is one of humanity’s oldest forms of expression and it has lasted for many reasons (some biological, some religious, some simply for their beauty). Dance brings people together, and people need people.

So consider dance. There are skills to be learned, personal feelings to be unlocked and a virtual change in lifestyle when one chooses to take private ballroom dance instruction or group classes, following Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios’ proven Trophy System.

We’re here. And we’re waiting for you to make the move that opens your mind and body to a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed anywhere.