Ballroom Dancing in Norwood MA

Ballroom Dancing Dedham MABallroom Dancing Dedham MA has never been easier! Located in historic Dedham Square is the Fred Astaire Ballroom Dance Studio. Just a short drive from Boston, our Ballroom Dance Studio boasts the most talent and comfortable atmosphere in the area. Our dedicated professionals teach many types of dancing, including Tango, Swing, Salsa, Foxtrot, Waltz, Merengue and Mambo. We also specialize in wedding dance choreography and wedding dance lessons.

Ballroom Dancing Dedham MA

If you are looking for ballroom dance lessons Norwood MA, our studio is the place to be. We specialize in ballroom dance classes, which is anything you can do with a partner. We will have you up on the floor in no time, having fun and enjoying the party. With a few basic dance lessons, you’ll understand how to start different dances and find the timing. After a few weeks, you will understand how to dance with any partner, on any floor, to any type of music.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons are also right up our alley. ( Bride and Groom dance and Father daughter dance .) We can show you how to do a couple moves and feel great or crate choreography for the perfect first dance. Be sure to check out our recent blog post to learn more. Your first dance is a moment to remember, and our dance instructors will help you and your fiancé create just that. Also, bring your bridal party in to learn some moves and get the whole reception up on the floor. Furthermore, wedding dance lessons have never been easier or more fun.

In conclusion, if you have been on the fence about starting ballroom dance lessons Norwood MA. Stop in and try out an Introductory offer. There is no obligation, but a whole lot of opportunity to find a hobby that you love. Come see why the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Dedham MA is known as the happiest, friendliest spot in town!

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