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Calendar of Ballroom Dance Classes

Our calendar is always full of fun events and classes to keep your ballroom dancing moving. If you’re looking for a fun hobby with a social life to match, ballroom dance classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Dedham Square is the place to be!

Furthermore, at Fred Astaire, Dedham Square, we teach 3 types of dancing lessons. Private, which are one on one with your instructor, Group as seen below on the calendar and Practice Parties. All 3 are included with your first enrolled program.

Group lessons are designed to teach you the mechanics of your dancing. You will learn new step patterns and technique in group classes that you will take to your private dance lessons for deeper understanding and the unique detail that each student needs. 

Practice Parties are a weekly social gathering with generally 30-40 people each week. They are designed to give you a space to practice your dancing with other couples on the floor and develop “floor craft”. Also, as a great way to meet other people with a common interest of DANCING! Feel free to stop in to any scheduled Practice Party.

Calendar PDF

If you are looking for information about our calendar of Group Dance Classes or Events, or want to sign up for one of our many dance classes, simply fill out the contact form and one of our friendly staff members

will contact you shortly about your request or question. Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!