Mark Adler – District Director

Mark Adler is the owner of the Austin, River Oaks, Sugarland and Woodlands Studios, along with Stephanie.

Even though he is a business major, Mark is equivalently a phenomenal dancer. He began with the Latin styles and has been extensively training in the Smooth styles for the last ten years. Owning their own dance studio is a lifetime dream-come-true for Stephanie and Mark. Their Woodlands studio is the 7th largest Fred Astaire Dance Studio in the U.S. and the largest dance studio in the Houston-area. Both his Sugarland and Woodlands studios are in the Top 20 Studios in the United States! That being said, Mark and Stephanie are known throughout Fred Astaire for both their dancing and business management.

Mark says that owning a studio was one of his major goals, but he also aspires to own a studio that “provides the best customer service and quality of instruction.” He only continues to provide excellent customer service and share his “passion for the arts with students,” which is how he became involved in the Ballroom world in the first place.

Mark is extremely proud of the successes of his students, and he will only continue to strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can grow to reach their full potential.

Stephanie – District Director

Stephanie, certified in various types of dance including Ballroom, Swing, Hip-Hop and Belly Dancing, has also had extensive training in Ballet, Latin, Jazz and Modern dancing.

She attended the National German Dance Council as well as the German Professional Dance Teacher Association, both of which she graduated Valedictorian from on full scholarships. Stephanie has competed at numerous levels both nationally and internationally, and was frequently named champion. Currently, she is ranked 16th on the World Ranking List for dancers. With so much dance experience, Stephanie only wished to share her passion with the rest of the world. Being the owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studios is a great honor for Stephanie.

She says that it is more than just a dance studio. It offers an environment for learning, fun and excitement and an opportunity to share her passion for dancing with others. Stephanie explains, “One of the best parts of dancing is meeting new people and making new friends.”

Patrick – Studio Director

Patrick is the owner of the River Oaks Studio.

Patrick is a USMC veteran.  He attributes his attention to detail and dedication to his years in service to this great country.

He started his dance career in January of 2007 and has not stopped working his way to the top.  Patrick has had extensive training in all categories of Ballroom Dancing, including: Smooth, Rhythm, Country & Western, Latin, Ballroom, and Theater Arts.  After competing for several years and earning every instructor award Fred Astaire has to offer, Patrick moved into management and ownership.

Following his rise to ownership in 2015, the River Oaks Studio has consistently been rated as the Top studio in Texas and ranked in the TOP 10 Studios in the Fred Astaire World Wide Franchise.

His favorite saying is, “The first TWO Rules of Dance Club are, Do Not Stop Dancing!”

Brittany – Studio Supervisor

Brittany has been with Fred Astaire for 6 years. Texas born and raised. Brittany did not grow up dancing like most but has learned everything she knows from Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Brittany not only helps manager the River Oaks studio but also competes both pro am and professionally. She holds the title of Texas regional smooth, rhythm and country western champion. Brittany has a passion for helping others and learning about human behavioral science.

Ralph Vieberink – Advanced Dance Instructor

Ralph is an enthusiastic, creative, motivated and happy person who loves to dance; loves all that has to do with dancing and especially teaching dance. He was born in a house where his mother and father ran a dancing school and tought dancers to become big champions. Ralph became Dutch champion when he was only 12 years old!

As an amateur dancer, he won the bronze medal at the World Championships Formation in 1993 in Münich, Germany. He has also won many prizes throughout his professional dance career.

Ralph is a great entertainer and organizes big events like no other. He is known for his fresh ideas, and not only on the dancefloor. He loves people and makes them laugh with jokes and interesting stories. He is always cheerful and very dedicated!


Caroline – Dance Instructor

Caroline Pendland joined Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2000. What was meant to be a part time job for the summer turned into a career that has taken her to multiple cities and studios. This gave her the opportunity to share her love for dance and it’s many benefits with countless students and professionals. She has earned the title of Top Teacher numerous times as well as been a national and regional finalist and champion in both the American Rhythm and American Smooth divisions. She is most proud of her student’s and their accomplishments in earning Top Student awards. Caroline is a believer in the power of dancing to improve lives on a mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual level.

Dominique – Dance Instructor

Dominique has been dancing with Fred Astaire since the age of 11. What had started off as a hobby soon grew into a great love for the art of ballroom dancing. Dominique has competed in Pro/Am and professionally throughout her dancing career. She has been awarded many titles such as two State of Texas Dancer of the Year Awards, Fred Astaire World Championship, Regional Top Youth Competitor, Open Smooth Champion, and Mixed Novice Champion along with being a strong competitor in the professional Closed Smooth division. At such a young age she has accomplished more than she imagined. She strives to work her hardest and push her students to be their best self and to spread the joy that dancing brings to everyone around her.

Valery – Dance Instructor

Valery is a lively, spirited person whose passion is in dance and teaching. She grew up dancing hip-hop, jazz, and cumbias and is excited to start a new dance journey with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Sharing the joy of dance with others has always been her dream. She believes working for Fred Astaire Dance Studios has helped her gain the knowledge and acquire the skills to reach her goals to be a dance teacher, performer, and choreographer.