5 Unexpected Benefits of Dancing

Fred Astaire Dance Studios invite you to dance! You’re going to make new friends, get some great exercise and have fun. You expect that, but here are 5 other benefits of dancing that are going to make you healthier and happier!

1. Diminish stress. Maybe it’s the partner or maybe it’s the music, but when you dance, you’re going to reduce your stress. The Journal of Applied Gerontology researchers found that when you dance with a partner you will benefit from stress relief. So, if you’re feeling tense, grab your partner, turn on the music and dance. And, if you want to refresh your skills or meet new partners, take a class at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tarrytown!

2. Be heart healthy. We’re not talking about rock ‘n roll to get benefits! People with heart disease who took up waltzing improved their heart health – along with their breathing and quality of life – significantly compare to those who biked or walked on a treadmill, according to an Italian study.

3. Have better balance. Worried about falling as you age. Start dancing – according to the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity – dancing requires both movement and good posture. The combination will help stabilize and gain control of the body.

4. Reduce depression. Do your happy dance – literally! Dancing really does lift the spirits as shown in a study with depressed adults. Not depressed – you’re going to be happier than ever!

5. Increase energy. Does the idea of dancing tire you out? Think again! Research showed that a weekly dance program improves physical performance while it increased everyday energy among adults. You’ll enjoy dancing and you’ll have more energy to enjoy every day!

There’s no reason to wait – even if you’ve never danced before. Join us at Fred Astaire Tarrytown. We work with dancers of every level and every age! No partner is needed. You’re going to make new friends, have fun and take home all the benefits that dance offers!