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Our friendly staff and talented Dance Instructors can help you realize your dance goals – and you’ll have lots of fun doing it! Browse this page to meet our team of certified Dance Pros and learn about their qualifications and experience. Then call us, and get started today.

Sasha Bylim – Studio Owner
“My favorite dance? I love all dances, I really do. But I will tell you I’m partial to the dances with...
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Olga Bylim – Studio Owner and Dance Director
“I love ballroom dancing for its’ variety… I do love dances that let me express a range of emotions like...
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Maks Ilyinov 1
Maksym Ilyinov - Instructor
“As a professional instructor, I love seeing dancing change people’s lives” joined Tarrytown Staff...
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Vika-Headshot 2
Viktoriya Ilyinova - Instructor
“Dancing makes people happier. And as a teacher I love giving them these feelings and emotions” joined...
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Marwan 3
Marwan Jammal - Instructor
“Dancing for me is a means of self expression and an ultimate pleasure, especially when seeing...
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Tim Ivanchenko - Instructor
“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breath. This is the rhythm of your life. This is an expression...
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Liza headshot 2 sq
Liza Yenina - Instructor
“It`s a miracle to see happy faces of dancing people. And for me it`s a great pleasure to be a part of...
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Ilya Ifraimov - visiting coach
Ilya is a World Master Professional Latin Champion and Fred Astaire National International Latin Champion....
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Tony Dovolani
Tony Dovolani - visiting coach
ACHIEVEMENTS 2006 Nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography / Dancing with the Stars episode...
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Taliat Tarsinov
Taliat Tarsinov - visiting coach
Taliat has been one of the most sought-after coaches and choreographers in the United States for both...
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Eddie Apolonov
Eddie Apolonov - visiting coach
Eddie is a UK Rising Star Finalist and USA Rising Star Champion. He specializes in all areas of International...
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Sergei Shapoval - visiting coach
ACHIEVEMENTS: 2005 Fred Astaire RS Smooth Champion (Las Vegas) 2005 Fred Astaire Bronze Medalist...
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Tina Gerova - visiting coach
Tina Gerova is originally from Bulgaria, and has been dancing for over 25 years. In the year 2000 she...
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