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Start Dancing With These 4 Questions

4 questions FADSHave  you thought of taking dance lessons, but never actually took the plunge? Ballroom dance instruction, whether in private lessons or group classes, provides many benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Dance is not only a wonderful social and creative outlet, but one that can provide a very satisfying workout.

Before you sign up for classes, take a moment to consider what you want to get from your dance lessons, and how to make the most of them:

  1. What kind of dance class should I take? This covers a lot of ground. If you are new to dance, you’d certainly want to explore beginner options in the type of supportive, 100% non-judgmental atmosphere fostered at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. If you are more experienced, do you want to expand your skills to different styles? For instance, those adept at the foxtrot and waltz may want to experiment with faster Latin dances such as salsa and the cha-cha. Either way, we can help you become an expert in both!
  2. What is my goal for this class? Consider your options: is your goal to become a competitive dancer, or to have fun and meet new people while learning a new hobby? You can have fun pursuing excellence, or you might also just want a pleasurable social setting with no pressure. Whatever your needs are, we can help! And you might sign up for classes in faster-paced dances such as jive or swing for physical conditioning as well as the pleasure of learning the dances.
  3. Am I willing to break out of my comfort zone and do something that might change my lifestyle by helping me find new friends, new interests, and new activities? If you are asking this question, the answer is probably yes! Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer a tremendous assortment of parties and competitions that promote a healthy social life as well as the opportunity to dance, dance, dance. Dance classes won’t just reshape your body – they will reshape your life! Read our benefits for dance, here.
  4. How do I choose a dance school that suits my needs? Fred Astaire Dance Studios are locally owned and operated, so they reflect the tenor of the local area. Themed parties, activities and community-oriented events are also in sync with those values, as FADS always gives back. You certainly want top instructors, well-kept facilities, superior teaching methods and a sense that you belong to a dance family. Fred Astaire Dance Studios have been around since 1947, creating exactly that type of environment.

At FADS, you can dance as if no one’s watching (because they aren’t). Build your confidence, your dance skills and your social life with dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.