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Find Peace & Happiness in the New Year with These Tips

3 - Fred Astaire Dance Studios is encouraging people to resolve to focus on self-care to find joy and serenity in the year ahead.

As Americans continue to grapple with the repercussions of the pandemic, the new year marks the perfect time to focus on finding balance and peace in the chaos of daily life. One of the best ways to curb anxiety and stress is to carve out time to focus on your own health and well being. More than 9 in 10 physicians (96 percent) believe self-care should be considered an essential part of overall health, according to a study of 304 physicians and 1,006 United States adults conducted by Harris Poll in 2019. The survey revealed 28 percent of participants feel guilty when practicing self-care and 44 percent of patients believe self-care is only possible for people with extra time, and 35 percent believe self-care is only possible for people with disposable income.

Making self-care part of your daily routine can help you curb unhealthy habits, like stress-eating or overindulging in alcohol. It can improve sleep habits and help prepare you to endure challenges. Incorporating self-care into your regular schedule does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, and it can provide solace for your soul.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios has suggestions for making self-care a priority this year.

Go for a Walk.

Spending time outside can improve both your physical and mental health, according to a report from Harvard Medical School. Sunlight is proven to elevate mood, and exercise releases endorphins that fuel happiness.

Turn off Your Phone.

Having easy access to email, texts and Google make smartphones an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, having all those tools at your fingertips can make phones a constant source of distraction. An easy way to ensure you take time to yourself is to unplug and put the phone away. Set a time each day to put your phone away and focus on the people around you, or a good book.

Take a Nap.

Taking a short, 10- to 20-minute nap can help you refuel and recharge. Napping can aid memory, regulate emotions and improve learning, according to the Sleep Foundation, an online medical resource focused on the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Clean the House.

Decluttering and doing the dishes is a quick and efficient way to relieve anxiety, according to cleaning aficionados. Cleaning has an energizing effect, and immersing yourself in a mundane task can help clear and focus a racing mind.


Discover a new hobby at your local dance studio, or opt to take a dance class from your living room.  We offer a variety of dance lessons for people of all ages and stages at studios across the country. We also have an Online Lesson Platform® with more than 450 top-notch dance lessons. You can book livestreaming lessons with an International Dance Council member or one of Fred Astaire Dance Studios dance champions.

Schedule Time with Friends.

Spending time safely with friends is an important self-care practice. Whether it’s connecting via Zoom or in person, fostering friendships is key to emotional well being.

Whether it’s watching a movie with friends, decluttering a closet, or putting your phone on vibrate, taking time to focus on self-care during the new year is essential for improving your mental and physical health.