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3 Reasons Ballroom Dancing Is The Perfect Activity For Singles

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Singles Meeting new people can be challenging for someone living the single life. It’s no secret that, in order to meet new people, you have to put yourself out there, but it can be a bit intimidating to try new activities alone. So, when it comes to trying your hand at dance lessons, what’s a single person to do? Fortunately, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, our instructors work hard to alleviate that tension, so anyone can enjoy ballroom dance classes, regardless of their relationship status. Here’s why individuals and couples alike are welcome at ballroom classes. 

You Don’t Need a Partner

To join a ballroom dance class, you might think that a partner would be a prerequisite. But you would be wrong! Ballroom dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios tend to mix up their class members so they can learn to dance with different people. A skilled ballroom dancer can adjust their dancing depending on the style of their partner, so trading partners is common in social dance. Switching partners can also help you learn the steps and advance in levels faster.

You’ll Make New Friends

Switching partners and learning with a group of new people naturally leads to new friendships, which can mean great things for a single person’s social life. The environment of facilitated interaction does something surprising for singles, as well — for the shyest dancers in the class, dancing with several different partners can make it easier to break the ice with others. Gradually, changing partners often can improve one’s social skills and make it easier to talk to people in other circumstances. Obviously, this result could have a massive impact on a single person’s relationship status!

Learning Can Equip You for Social Events

Learning to dance well can make you the star of the parties and social events you attend outside of the studio. Social dancers are in high demand at events like weddings, balls and other fetes. A skill like this is an instant ice-breaker, and it can let you have a lot more fun!

Single people shouldn’t fear activities that are done in pairs! Ballroom dancing is fun, exciting and mentally stimulating, no matter who your partner is. It can also introduce you to new people and a new passion at the same time!