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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wedding Dance Lessons

5 Reasons To Take

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now that the excitement of the proposal is over, and this incredible event has started to sink in – it’s planning time! The engagement party, the wedding shower, the registry… and all the plans and decisions for your special Wedding Day will soon be taking up lots of your time. One of those decisions involves your First Dance at the reception. If you are considering First Dance classes to prep for your Wedding Day, let us give you a few reasons why it’s sooooo worth it – and why Fred Astaire Dance Studios should be your first choice.

  • First Dance lessons help you get past your fears. All eyes will be on you and your partner and if you don’t feel comfortable with your dance skills, it will just add to your stress on your big day. Like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and dancing with other students who are beginners, will give you comfort. Learning to foxtrot, waltz or swing dance takes time and a class will help you diffuse your fears.
  • First Dance lessons help you get comfortable dancing with different partners. You and your future spouse may feel like you know how to dance with each other but that doesn’t mean you are doing it correctly. If you only ever dance with your fiancé, you could be reinforcing bad habits. This could make for an awkward situation when you have to dance with your in-laws at the reception!
  • First Dance lessons help you discover your favorite dances! The more you like a certain dance, the more confident you will feel and that will show on the dance floor. Beginner classes are a great way to learn a bunch of different steps and learn from others – and you just may find a dance or routine you hadn’t considered, that you want to feature during your special time on the dance floor, or any time during your celebration.
  • First Dance lessons help you learn to dance spontaneously. Once you’ve mastered some of the fundamental moves, you’ll be on your way to the dance floor the next time you go out on the town! It only takes a few beginner classes to really gain the basic moves and boost up your confidence.
  • Because practice makes perfect. You need time on the floor and classes will provide you that time.
  • Because wedding planning can be stressful. First Dance lessons for your wedding are an excellent way to have fun and relax before the Big Day. With all the schedules, decisions and deadlines that go into wedding planning, enjoying this time that’s just for you can help you both de-stress and re-energize – and we promise you’ll have lots of fun doing it!

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we are experts  – and offer Private and Group Wedding Dance instruction. And our Practice Parties will help you feel confident, and will be welcome breaks during pre-wedding planning, where you and your partner (perhaps even parents and your wedding party) can relax, forget the pressures of the day and simply dance, And at every Fred Astaire Dance Studios location, learning how to dance is LOTS of fun!

Don’t put it off for another moment – walk into Fred Astaire Dance Studios and begin your First Dance lessons today. And be sure to ask about our money-saving intro offer, just for wedding couples!