History of the Cha Cha

February 28, 2017

cha cha history fadsOnce upon a time, it was known as the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Somewhere along the way, it lost a Cha. Now it’s just the Cha Cha, but it has lost none of its appeal.

This is dance of three quick steps (Cha-Cha-Cha!) followed by two slower steps. With American Style Cha Cha averaging 30 beats per minute, and International Style averaging 32 beats per minute, this dance will definitely get your feet moving and your heart pumping! The steps are timed with the beats, and there’s a strong hip movement as the knee straightens on the half beats. It’s fun, it’s flirtatious and open to a range of personal interpretations.

The dance originated in Cuba and grew out of the Cuban Triple Mambo. An English dance teacher named Pierre Lavelle visited saw dancers this triple step, performed to slow rumba and mambo music, while visiting Cuba in the early 1950s. He took it back to Britain and taught it as a separate dance that eventually became what we know now as ballroom Cha Cha. It was introduced to the United States in 1954 and quickly became the latest craze, pushing the Mambo aside. It has never gone out of style and remains popular in nightclubs across the country, in part because it is so easy to learn.

We at Fred Astaire Dance Studios love the Cha Cha because it is so lively, so vibrant and playful. This is one dance you need to have in your social arsenal, as it remains a staple of weddings and a favorite of live bands and orchestras. Click here to learn more about the Cha Cha, and see a demonstration video. Then swing by your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio and ask about the Cha Cha. You will find many other students already taking group or private Cha Cha lessons and having the time of their lives. And you’ll discover a warm and welcoming environment that will inspire you to realize your ballroom dancing goals and reach new heights! Regardless of your age, or level of skill or apprehension, you’ll soon be confidently dancing, and having fun doing it! Our team of highly-qualified instructors will get you started and you too will soon be saying “Cha Cha Cha.” Find the Fred Astaire Dance Studio nearest to you, and get started with our Introductory Offer!

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