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Fun and Practical Gift Ideas for Dancers

GiftIdeasHoliday gift giving provides a special enjoyment for both the giver and receiver.

Choosing something that can be well-used and appreciated by the recipient leaves us cheerful; being on the receiving end of gifts we can cherish warms our hearts.

For Fred Astaire Dance Studio students, options are many when considering holiday gifts for friends and family who are dancers … and for those who are not.

Let’s start with something universal; the current FADS student or someone who doesn’t yet take part in the exciting and fun world of ballroom dance but just might enjoy FADS ballroom dance instruction in salsa or the foxtrot or the tango.

  • Gift packages for a couple of lessons can help ignite a new passion in someone who has seen the great fun you have dancing and socializing at parties and outings. Talk to your instructor and see what sort of package might be right for that certain someone. We typically offer specials at this time of year, so shopping is easy.
  • Dancers also need supplies and equipment. You could assemble a little gift basket with a towel and a reusable water bottle to replace the plastic ones that too often get thrown away and not recycled. A session of high-energy dancing can generate a little perspiration, making a towel handy, and the effort in class always requires proper hydration. Toss in a little foot balm and a pair of socks, tie a ribbon on the basket handle and you’ve made a lovely gift.
  • The towel, the water bottle, the foot balm, socks and dance shoes will fit nicely in a personalized duffel bag that also leaves room for any other necessities – snack or protein bars, a phone and charger, Band-Aids (hey, we do get a blister now and then).
  • Speaking of dance shoes … One size does not fit all types of dance. Rhythm, smooth, shoes for competition and shoes for practice are all important. For those who compete, a well-fitted shoe that looks elegant is a must. The FADS online store offers a tremendous variety of shoes for women and men. A shoe brush to keep the soles of dance shoes clean is also important.
  • Shoes complement the wardrobe. Skirts and tops are great choices for women, and a competition shirt for men is also a wonderful choice. There’s plenty of stylish choices to pick from. We offer a fabulous selection.
  • What else do dancers need? Music. Lots of music. You can burn a dance mix, or you can buy great discs that get any party going. Ask us about our favorites.
  • In case you forgot, it is winter time and cold weather, as you know, presents certain challenges for dancers. When Mother Nature brings us the chilly weather, the muscles in our body tighten up in such a way that our body will remain warm.  It is important for a dancer to warm up his/her muscles before a performance or practice session to avoid injury. To keep warm, you can opt for unisex leg warmers and arm warmers!
  • As we take pride in our dancing, we often like to show it in other ways. Jewelry with dance logos and inspirational sayings about dance dress up any outfit and advertise your passion.

Giving gifts is fun and shows your appreciation of other people. It’s even better when your gift enhances someone’s Fred Astaire Dance Studios experience.

Hope this helps as you shop. Happy Holidays!