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Dancing Takes Patience, Practice, and the Right Program


Knighttime -

KNIGHTtime by Stephen Knight, FADS Vice President and Executive Dance Director


When it comes to learning Ballroom Dance, the possibilities are endless… but every dancer should have one very important quality – Patience.

In my travels to Fred Astaire Dance Studios locations across the country, there is always one question that comes up during EVERY coaching session. That question is, “when am I going to be a good dancer?” My answer to that question is always, “you never will be, because the longer you study the more knowledge you receive. Thus, you are always perfecting some new technique that you learned.” That is why patience is so very important. If you are learning new things (which is always a positive), that means you are getting better. Soon you will be ready for additional new information on your quest to being the best dancer that you can be!

My advice to everyone, student and instructors is to follow our teaching methods, as they will help you to reach your goals. Too often, we do things in the incorrect order and find ourselves having to go back to training because we skipped a step or two. For example, working on our feet and ankles, which is something that should only be part of the very beginning – in our Bronze Program.

Focusing only on foot and ankle actions, will end future issues of:

  • Movement
  • Balance
  • Commitment
  • Speed
  • Confidence

Too many times while I’m training an individual, they have said to me, “I have no balance.” And why is that? It’s usually because their feet and ankles are weak and untrained. So, the key to success is to follow the Teaching Methods – and to realize that Ballroom Dancing is many things:

  1. Sport
  2. Art
  3. Science
  4. Hobby

No wonder it takes time to develop your skills! I will tell you this: you are always progressing as long as you keep to the Teaching Methods. Be your own judge, about your own progress and don’t compare yourself to others… because we are all different! Happy Dancing and enjoy the ride.

Stephen Knight is Vice President & Executive Dance Director with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. He also serves as Dance Coach and Regional Franchise Director for the FADS Wisconsin Region. A National Champion during his competitive years, Stephen is most well-known for his choreography, and for creating a large portion of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Silver Syllabus. For more information on the members of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios International Dance Council, contact us. And to get started on YOUR dance journey, contact Fred Astaire Dance Studios today.