Are You An Entrepreneur?

So many people ponder the possibility of opening their own business.

Perhaps you’ve worked for “the man” for decades and want a chance to drive the train. Or maybe you’ve always had a creative idea but lacked the finances or the guts to make it a reality.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

And then there are the people who have held a dream close to their hearts throughout their careers, wondering if they could make it come true, and at midlife decide, it’s time.

These are the people we want to partner with to grow Fred Astaire Dance Studios Michigan. As Area Developer for the entire state, I am looking for entrepreneurial-minded people to open new studios within our Fred Astaire family. It’s such an easy model to make successful – as a franchise with a proven method and track record, we guide you every step of the way toward business success.

Historically, dance instructors and dancers have been the ones to take the entrepreneurial leap and open new Fred Astaire studios. It makes sense for people with a deep dance background to run ballroom dance studios.

Photo by Nihal Demirci on Unsplash

At the same time, just because you’re a great instructor or a great dancer does not mean you’ll be a great business person. Lada and I are successful because our talents and expertise balance each other. She’s the dance expert; I’m a proven entrepreneur. Together, we make our studios soar.

That’s why the kind of people we’re looking for to open new studios under our umbrella may not be dance mavens. They might be business people or entrepreneurs with no practical dance knowledge or expertise but rather, a penchant for business.

People interested in growth opportunities, people in love with the Detroit area and Southeast Michigan, those are the people who might do well as studio owners.

I want to recruit teachers as well as people who want to own businesses, to open new studios with us. If you’ve got great energy, great ideas, and great vision, we welcome you into the fold.

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