Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

Did you teach ballroom dancing for a franchise?

Did you stop teaching dancing because you got frustrated with the franchise? Felt used and abused, under-appreciated and over-worked?

But at the core, did you love teaching dancing?

If so, I want to talk to you.

So many people dip their toe (pun intended) into teaching ballroom dance only to quite because they get fed up with the way the business is run, or the people they’re working for. There are good dance studios and bad ones, just as there are good businesses in any industry and bad ones poorly run, too.

If you became disenchanted with the process or the training or the lack of training, if you felt abused or unappreciated or just left to your own devices rather than guided as part of a team, come talk to me.

The New Fred Astaire Dance Studio is a different kind of franchise. What’s more, we are unveiling new systems to improve the already smart programs we have in place, focusing on the dancer and his or her long-term career.

See that’s the thing I love about this company: you can build a great career as a ballroom dance instructor. That doesn’t happen everywhere, and it doesn’t happen often. We’ve created a system where our instructors are nurtured and encouraged to be a true part of a team.

When your superiors appreciate your effort, you put more in. When your students love working with you, you can’t wait to work with them again.

If you started somewhere as a franchise dance instructor and left for whatever reason, we want you here!! There is another way, a better way, and we can certainly use your skills, training and talent in a way you’ll feel great about.

Maybe it was the wrong program for you, or the wrong time or wrong place. Maybe you worked at the wrong facility. Come to the right one. Fred Astaire Michigan. We’ll make sure you have a clear vision for your future, and we’ll help you get there.

Fred Astaire focuses on cultivating instructors, helping them grow, offering opportunities to build a fulfilling career.