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Our 21st Annual Spotlight Is Right Around The Corner!

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The passion and dedication our students show is so awesome. We watch them work and we admire the way they approach dance and pursue excellence. Now we will all get to see the results of their efforts through the last year. Coming up on Friday, Sept. 20: The 21st Annual Spotlight Review. This is a...

Helpful Tips to Achieve Perfect Ballroom Competition Hair!

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There are three key components that make up a dance competition; the dancing, the audience, and the dancers themselves. Can you guess what the first thing is that the audience notices? That’s right, the dancer’s appearance – their costume, hair, and makeup to be specific. A dancers outfit, hair, and makeup play a big part...

Fred Astaire Wisconsin Presents Dance Fantasy 2016!

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Dance Fantasy is our annual regional dance showcase that consists of performances from our students and professionals from our eight Fred Astaire Wisconsin studios. This is no small event. In fact, it is a very big deal because our students begin preparing for this last November and their excitement continues to grow. Dance Fantasy is...