Learn From The Best

Guest Coaches

Fred Astaire Dance Instructors are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dance technique, choreography, and coaching. However, just like their students, they love the opportunity to work with visiting coaches and learn new things. Oftentimes, guest coaches visit our studios to impart new knowledge and stoke the creative fires of our professional and amateur dancers!

It is empowering for our dancers and instructors to work with people that judge and run competitions every week, are current or former dance champions, and help drive the dance scene. Our guest coaches love coming to our studios because our instructors are so professional and prepared to make the coaching valuable to our students. Plus, our guest coaches love seeing our accomplished amateur dancers perform their choreography!

Just this year we’ve been visited by world-renowned guest coaches and choreographers Tamsyn Devilliers, Edward Simon, Judi Hatton, Luann Pulliam, Eric Luna, Georgia Ambarian, and Gary Pierce! Whether we’re preparing for a competition or rehearsing for a showcase, it’s the knowledge and fun that these coaches bring to ballroom dance that keeps us loving the art of dance.