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Kids’ Dance Lessons

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, it’s not only adults who enjoy the many benefits of ballroom dance lessons, we’re also experts at helping kids and teens discover new-found joy and confidence through kids’ dance lesson programs. Whether it’s a positive outlet for exercise and self-expression, or competitive ballroom dance instruction for those aspiring to be DanceSport Champions – our caring, talented and fun Dance Instructors can help craft the perfect program.

Junior Classes for the 2023-2024 School Year

Spring semester: January 4, 2023 – May 30, 2024 . Children 4-12 y.o.

Group Class: Thursdays 4:15pm; Private/Semi-Private: Monday-Friday, 1pm-8pm by appointment.

Open House: 4:15pm last Thursday of each month.

In order to get the most out of your lessons and keep group classes interesting and beneficial for both new and returning students, we suggest the following plan:

Step 1: Introductory Sessions ~ $50/child
  • 3  x 20-minute Private Lessons (Sample Lessons Mon-Fri, 1pm- 8pm by appointment)
  • 2 Group Classes (Thursdays at 4:15pm)
  • Suggested Schedule: 1 Private and 1 Group visit per week


Step 2: Starter Program ~ $260/child
  • 3 x 40-minute Private Lessons (Mon-Fri, 1pm- 8pm by app)
  • 4 Group Lessons (Thursdays at 4:15pm)
  • Suggested Schedule: 1 Private and 1 Group visit per week for 2 weeks; Weeks 3 and 4 try out with a partner/buddy for semi-private (1/2 of lesson is used if 2 students in class)


Step 3: Enroll for the length of semester ~ Price varies by package
  • Package A: 2 Private/4 Groups or 4 Semi-Private/4 Groups ~ $210/4 weeks
  • Package B: 4 Private/4 Groups or 8 Semi-Private/4Groups ~ $340/4 weeks
  • Suggested Schedule: we ask to keep your schedule consistent from month to month, but changes can be made monthly.


We have Something for the Parents too! Whether you are a mom, dad, grandma, auntie or just a friend, why sit and scroll while you’re waiting?! Why not dance? Sign up for dance lessons and spend 40 minutes doing something good for yourself!

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To enroll, call or text (336) 379-9808 or email to

Enrolling kids into Ballroom Dance Lessons has a multitude of benefits! It teaches them ways to approach life at a whole different level of confidence!

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Kids’ Dance Lessons Are a Positive, Fun Experience!
Gone are the days when teen dances and cotillions gave young people their first exposure to social dance. Today, parents need to be more proactive about creating opportunities and environments that will help develop these social skills, and the confidence that comes from them – and we can help. From Ballroom & Latin dance to line dancing, hip-hop, theatre arts and much more, our programs help young people get active, stay healthy, develop grace & poise, establish goal-setting behaviors and build confidence. And the best part is, they’ll have so much fun, they’ll want to keep coming back!

Our Kids’ Dance Lessons program require no prior experience

  • Open to kids & teens ages 5-17
  • All skill levels are welcome
  • Many types of dance programs available
  • Skilled, caring & friendly Dance Instructors
  • Environment is positive, affirming & FUN!

The Many Benefits of Kids’ Dance Lessons:
Learning to dance is about much more than moving to the music… dance lessons:

  • Are great exercise! Dance is a low-impact, high-energy, total body workout
  • Encourage social interaction among peers, & with adults
  • Are a fun way to increase flexibility, core strength, stamina & posture
  • Are excellent programs for improving balance, coordination, poise and grace
  • Encourage goal-setting behaviors & goal attainment

Kids’ dance lessons offer a wide range of benefits to children and teens:

  • Increased self-confidence & social skills
  • Improved physical health, weight loss
  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages good behavior, poise, grace & etiquette
  • Aids in memory, focus and brain development
  • Facilitates team work & healthy competition
  • Makes meeting new people fun & comfortable
  • Introduction to the arts can expand creativity and emotional development

Contact us today about Fred Astaire Dance Studio’ Kids’ Dance Lessons. We’ll work with you to craft a program that’s perfect for your child’s goals and schedule, and that meets your needs and budget. Together we can create ways to support our kids’ development, through the positive, transforming power of dance!