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Tap Dancing Classes CTOur tap dancing classes Middletown CT residents love offer numerous benefits. Tap dancing is an uplifting form of dance characterized by rhythmic sounds produced by metal plates on the soles of the dancer’s shoes. We design our adult tap dancing lessons to cater to all skill levels. We pride ourselves on maintaining a studio that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to learn new dance skills or hone the ones they’ve already acquired.

Our tap dancing instructor gives her students guidance and kind feedback. Students are introduced to more complex sequences, combinations, and choreography as they progress. Whether you are hitting the dance floor for the first time or are a seasoned pro looking to refine your technique, our studio is the place for you.

Along with learning and practicing technical skills, our tap dance classes focus on rhythm, timing, and performance quality. We love seeing our students develop unique styles while mastering this inspiring dance style.

Excitingly, we offer our students plenty of opportunities to showcase their new skills in recitals, performances, and competition classes.  If competition classes aren’t your thing, we also offer non-competition classes. Try tap dancing classes CT and enjoy the exhilarating rhythms while you enhance your fitness and express yourself artistically.

Meet Your Tap Dancing Classes Cromwell CT Instructor

Lynn is certainly not a newcomer to the world of Performing Arts. She is into her 47th year of teaching the wonderful world of dance!

Lynn started dancing at age two and never stopped! She has performed in local and national dance competitions for thirteen years, gaining recognition for her skill. Lynn has taught dance and fitness in various community settings and is known for her kindness, enthusiasm, and patience.

She has owned and operated her own dance studio for four years, teaching beginner through advanced, starting from ages two through adult. She has taught co-ed aerobics for fifteen years (many of which were to the medical professional staff at Connecticut Valley Hospital).

She founded Tap and Jazz classes at Vinnie’s Jump & Jive, a non-traditional dance studio part of the Community Health Center’s Wellness Program in Cromwell, CT. Lynn was the Tap and Jazz Guest Teacher at Central Connecticut State University in their Dance Practicum Program Classes.

Learn About Shuffles

Shuffles are an essential and foundational element of tap dancing. They create captivating rhythmic patterns and sounds. By alternating the striking of the ball and the heel of the foot against the floor, dancers bring these patterns to life. Dancers use several types of shuffles to add variety to their performances.

The single shuffle involves striking the ball of one foot onto the floor, immediately followed by brushing the other foot against the floor. This combination produces a percussive sound that adds a lively quality to the dance.

Expanding upon the single shuffle, the double shuffle incorporates two quick taps of the ball on each foot before transitioning to the other foot. This move’s heightened complexity and speed amplify the rhythmic intricacy of the dance.

The shuffle ball change combines the distinctive shuffle with a ball change, a movement involving a weight transfer onto the ball of the opposite foot. Often accompanied by a change in direction or position, the shuffle ball change enables tap dancers to explore intricate footwork variations and provides a dynamic element to their routines.

These various types of shuffles form the building blocks of tap dance, allowing dancers to create engaging sequences and choreography. Through the skilled execution of shuffles, tap dancers demonstrate their rhythmic prowess and showcase the captivating beauty of this art form.


Dance is a powerful means of alleviating stress and enhancing mood. When we dance, our bodies release endorphins, which are natural hormones that assist the nervous system in managing distress. Therefore, when you find yourself overwhelmed or exhausted after a demanding day, engage in a dance session to swiftly uplift your spirits and foster a sense of well-being.


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Spotlight on Hip HopThis is a style of dance that originated in the United States during the 1970s. Its high-energy movements make this form of dance an excellent aerobic activity that improves overall fitness and cardiovascular health. You’ll find the rhythm and beats of the music catchy and enjoyable. Moreover, you’ll learn intricate footwork and body isolations, improving coordination and balance. 

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